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Welcome all ye grooms-to-be! (And also bride-to-be’s) to The Savvy Groom.  This is a safe haven from all the stress, hassle, and difficult choices you have been working through for that sacred journey many of us choose to take that is Marriage.

A Little Bit About This Groom’s Journey

I have always been a “frugal” person when it comes to shopping. I grew up in a house hold that turned “leftovers” into “leftovers” stir fry.  I had a very fortunate childhood in a lot of ways, but it wasn’t without it’s struggles.  Many families struggle with financial stress and have to make a dollar stretch and mine was no exception to that.  I was blessed to have a grandfather who always managed to “fill in the gaps” when my father couldn’t work, or the power got turned off.  Even though he was a self-made man, and had the means to provide a little extra for his daughter (my mother) and his grandchildren, he was the kind of guy who would take me to McDonald’s and get my a happy meal, but use a coupon on top of his senior citizen discount for his own food.

It was many of these experiences throughout my teenage and young adulthood that crafted my savvy spending tactics. It didn’t hurt that I had to struggle as “hungry college student” for over 7 years.  And now, by trade I work in the healthcare field as a therapist, which is all the more reason that I am always making an effort to be thrifty.  Whether it’s buying in bulk from wholesale stores, looking for great deals online, or even shopping thrift stores.  I am always trying to save that almighty dollar.

Though I have been married 5 years now, experiencing the phenomena of becoming engaged, planning a wedding, and actually making it come to fruition was probably one of the most tenuous and financially costly experiences of my life.

The Savvy Groom is my ode to all grooms (and even brides) -to be and is an effort to help pass on the cost-saving tips and tricks that i have not only picked up throughout my life but that were especially helpful in making a beautiful, meaningful and non-bankrupting wedding come to fruition.  I have a passion for decor, and even enjoy making hand-crafted items in my spare time or as a hobby.  I hope to be able to share some of my knowledge, experiences, tips, and even skills now to those who seek to be a creative and savvy shopper.  Especially when it comes to..

A Wedding SHOULDN’T Start Your Married Life Off In the Red

Beginning with courting or engagement, the prospect of marriage can become extremely costly.  When I was ring shopping for my wife, I was astounded by the variety of different types of gem stones, rings, etc.  We all think “diamond” but there are non-traditional gems, and now, very high quality lab created diamonds to boot that rival the traditional diamond engagement ring.  It was through research about the diamond industry that I realized diamond prices are just purely inflated due to our perceived value on clarity and media-hype.

I then realized it didn’t stop there. Men’s wedding bands, tuxedo rentals, decor, wedding dresses, wedding locations, catering etc. are all so very expensive and often inflated due to the fact the wedding category is such an overwhelming and in many ways “necessary” shopping industry. While I love my wedding band, I know now that there are so many beautiful and high quality alternatives available to men for wedding bands.

And, if you are aware and savvy, there are many options to get often higher quality products such as decor, centerpieces, and even wedding invitations at fractions of the price that many of the mainstream wedding catalogs or vendors produce.

Learn From My Experiences, and SAVE

The Savvy Groom is here to help both grooms and brides – to be in saving some of that hard earned cash and at the same time find better variety, and even higher quality wedding options.  Instead of being in the “I hope we get enough wedding gifts to cover the outrageous expenses for this wedding” boat, you grab a lifeline here and put that hard earned dough into say, a fancy honeymoon to Tahiti!

It is my goal to be informative through this blog as to how you can not only save money when it comes to traditional wedding fair, but to inspire ideas and creative alternatives that many people either never think of, or may not even know exist!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask! And if you have some of your own cost-saving tips or tricks related to this multi-billion dollar industry please share!

All the best,

Ken Lieberman

E-mail me at Ken@thesavvygroom.com with any questions, interests, or comments!

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